Zato “Blue Whale” Press/Shear

For sale Zato “Blue Whale” Press/Shear in excellent condition, as shown in the photos.

Price on request!

Technical specifications:

Model: 6.2/800
Serial number: 1001-11
Working length: 15600 mm
Bowl length: 6200 mm
Width: 2550mm
Working height: 3745 mm
Compaction unit weight: 36000 kg
Cutting unit weight: 19000 kg
Engine: 182kw / 2200rpm

Dimensions and quantity of compacted material:

Length: variable
Width: 890mm
Height: 645mm
Quantity: 10/11 tons/h

Dimensions and quantity of sheared material:

Length: variable
Cutting blade length: 950 mm
Quantity of sheared material: 8/10 ton/h


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